Rosebowl 2022

The Rosebowl is an optional handicapped competition based on the teams positions in Divisions 1,2 & 3. The initial stage is played in groups with teams within the groups playing each other once. Teams heading the groups proceed to the knockout phase culminating in a final to be played w/e 25/26th June 2022.

The 2022 competition sees 8 teams opting to compete.

The score at the start of each game is the difference between the handicaps ie Team A (15) v Team B (35) – starting score 0 – 20

Group A

Guru Nanak                 0

Iroquois                      55

Kent Tigers                 15

Sevenoaks Suns II.     50

Group B

Crows                               40

Maidstone Warriors II        85

Sevenoaks Suns               10

Wizards.                            20

Handicaps will be calculated by the Management Committee and will be based on the performances of the current season. 


Players must have played a minimum of FOUR games in MBA competitions this season prior to their first game in the Rosebowl to be eligible to take part


Rosebowl Knockout Stage 2022

DateGameTime/ResultsLeagueCourtMatch Day
2022-07-05 20:20:1005/07/2022 Iroquois v Sevenoaks Suns90 – 91RosebowlTue
2022-06-21 20:20:1521/06/2022 Iroquois v Maidstone Warriors II77 – 72RosebowlTue
2022-06-14 20:25:4914/06/2022 Sevenoaks Suns v Kent Tigers64 – 62RosebowlTue

Standings Rosebowl Group A 2022

1Kent Tigers52118515332
3Sevenoaks Suns II42117212943
4Guru Nanak303242335-93

Results Rosebowl Group A 2022

DateGameTime/ResultsLeagueCourtMatch Day
2022-05-09 20:20:4909/05/2022 Guru Nanak v Kent Tigers71 – 97Rosebowl AMon
2022-05-12 20:15:0012/05/2022 Sevenoaks Suns II v Iroquois63 – 48Rosebowl AThu
2022-05-17 20:20:0017/05/2022 Iroquois v Guru Nanak129 – 110Rosebowl ATue
2022-05-19 20:15:0019/05/2022 Sevenoaks Suns II v Kent Tigers0 – 20Rosebowl AThu
2022-05-24 20:20:0024/05/2022 Iroquois v Kent Tigers82 – 68Rosebowl ATue
2022-06-06 20:20:0006/06/2022 Guru Nanak v Sevenoaks Suns II61 – 109Rosebowl AMon

Standings Rosebowl Group B 2022

1Sevenoaks Suns63030625452
2Maidstone Warriors II521322328-6

Results Rosebowl Group B 2022

DateGameTime/ResultsLeagueCourtMatch Day
2022-05-17 20:25:0017/05/2022 Sevenoaks Suns v Wizards87 – 79Rosebowl BTue
2022-05-22 14:15:0022/05/2022 Maidstone Warriors II v Sevenoaks Suns109 – 117Rosebowl BSun
2022-05-29 14:15:3429/05/2022 Maidstone Warriors II v Crows85 – 84Rosebowl BSun
2022-06-07 20:20:0007/06/2022 Maidstone Warriors II v Wizards128 – 127Rosebowl BTue
2022-06-07 20:25:0007/06/2022 Crows v Sevenoaks Suns66 – 102Rosebowl BTue
2022-06-13 20:20:0013/06/2022 Wizards v Crows82 – 74Rosebowl BTue