All Remaining Fixtures

This set of fixtures cover all competitions and are the most up to date.  New competition fixtures will automatically be added to this list.

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Remaining Fixtures

DateGameTime/ResultsLeagueCourtMatch Day
2024-06-17 20:20:2017/06/2024 Guru Nanak v Bromley Fury 20:20:2020:20Rosebowl AMon
2024-06-20 20:15:0020/06/2024 Crows v Dartford Vets 20:15:0020:15Supplementary LeagueThu
2024-06-20 20:15:5720/06/2024 Sevenoaks Suns v Canterbury Kings 20:15:57CancelledRosebowl BThu
2024-06-23 13:15:0323/06/2024 Rosebowl Semi Final 1 13:15:0313:15RosebowlSun
2024-06-23 14:45:1923/06/2024 Rosebowl Semi Final 2 14:45:1914:45RosebowlSun
2024-06-23 16:15:5623/06/2024 Rosebowl Final 16:15:5616:15RosebowlSun