League Tables for Season 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 season came to an abrupt end when the country went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  The tables shown are as they stood at the start of the lockdown.  All outstanding games were cancelled.

Division 1

1Dartford Sharks22102940818122
2Maidstone Royals198379672373
3Sevenoaks Suns176573472014
4Bromley Fury16567377343
5Guru Nanak1446664701-37
7Maidstone Warriors12110664773-109

Division 2

1Oakwood Saints331611135735400
2Bromley Fury Vets331531138882256
3Dartford Sharks II28132972767205
4Dartford Vets27107103098743
5Eltham Eagles269887984435
6Bromley Fury II259783681818
7Maidstone Panthers246129281048-120
10Sevenoaks Suns II21511847933-86
11Dartford Stealers20314740966-226
12Maidstone Warriors II193137491072-323

In Division One, although there were only a few games to be played, Dartford Sharks had completed their programme and could not have been overtaken. 

Therefore the Division One winners for 2019/2020 are Dartford Sharks.

Division 1 Results 2019/2020

In Division Two there were a large number of games that could not be completed.  Oakwood Saints led the table and after due consideration using the FIBA classification system they remain as leaders.

Therefore the Division Two trophy is to be awarded to Oakwood Saints for 2019/2020

Division 2 Results 2019/2020