End of Season 2023/2024

With only six teams in Division 1 and eight teams in Division 2 the league programme is scheduled to finish quite early this season.  Therefore there will be some additional competitions for teams to opt into in order to provide more games .

Division 1 PlayOff

As usual the Division 1 PlayOff  is contested by the top four teams in the division at the completion of the league programme.

The PlayOff will consist of two semi-final games for each team and the aggregate score used to determine the winners, who will then meet in a two game Finals series 

Division 1 Play in

The Division 1 Play In (Bundesliga terminology) is a new competition which will help to evaluate the relative strength of teams prior to the 2024/2025 season

The PlayIn is contested by the teams finishing 5th and 6th in Division 1 along with the top two teams from Division 2 at the end of the league programme.The competition will use a round robin system providing each team with 6 additional games

Supplementary League

The Supplementary League  will be open to the remaining teams in Division 2 playing in a round robin system